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Button Badges

Button Badges

Button badges are one of the oldest and most popular types of badge.

They are an excellent marketing and branding tool, creating awareness and identity for your company, organisation or club. Button badges are also great for promotion and fund-raising. The size and print options means there is sure to be a badge geared to your budget.

We make bespoke button badges. Simply send us your design and we will turn it into a colourful, attractive badge. We deliver high quality print - including 4 colour process.

Badge Sizes

Six different sizes are available:

  • 25mm diameter
  • 38mm diameter
  • 45mm diameter
  • 55mm diameter
  • 75mm diameter.

Badge Fittings

The fittings available for button badges are the standard safety pin. In some cases, we can also provide a plastic clip.

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Button badges sample 59
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