Premier Badges : Enamel Badges and Cloth Embroidered Badges
Enamel Badges

Enamel Badges

Enamel Badges made to order. Your badges made to your design.

We make excellent enamel badges. We turn your design in to an attractive enamelled metal badge. They are colourful, robust and long-lasting. This means our badges are great for promotions, increasing recognition, and fund-raising. They are popular with clubs, charities and associations as well as companies.

Just let us know the design you want. Scaled coloured artwork is provided for your approval before we start making your badges. We want to be sure you will be happy with your order. There is no design charge for this. (The minimum order size is 50 badges.)

Enamel Badges Gallery

To understand what we do please see these examples of our badges.

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Hard Enamel Metal Badges

Hard enamel badges are made in vitreous enamel to your own design and with your choice of colours. Various finishes are available, for example polished gilt, chrome and nickel silver plate. We also offer antique finishes in gold, silver and bronze.

Badge fittings

These badge fittings are available:

  • Brooch pin with joint and safety catch
  • Clutch pin
  • Stick pin
  • Tie slides
  • Cuff link
  • Hard soldered joint and catch

Making hard enamel badges

Metal blanks are stamped from a die with your design engraved into it. Cutting tools are used to cut the badge to the required shape. This is how we are able create badges in any size and shape.

Coloured enamel is laid by hand into one of the recessed areas of the badge. The enamel is then fired in an oven to turn the liquid into a hardened state. When the badge has cooled excess enamel is linished (smoothed) off.

The next colour is then laid, until all the colours have been added. The badge is polished & plated & then a final polish takes place.

Traditional hard enamel is also known as cloisonné. It is the highest quality of enamel badge, due to its hardness and robustness, and its smooth surface.

Soft Enamel Metal Badges

Soft enamel badges are made in a similar way to hard enamel badges but have the advantage of being able to exactly match pantone colours. This means the colours on your badges will exactly match the colours in your design or logo, and so match your other branding.

A clear resin is placed over the badge to seal the enamel and make the badge robust and long-lasting.

Badge fittings

The following fittings are available : Example enamel badge

  • Clutch pin fitting
  • Stick pins
  • Tie slides
  • Cuff link
  • Hard soldered joint and catch

Making soft enamel badges

Soft enamel is also known as cold enamel. As with hard enamel, metal blanks are stamped from a die with your design engraved into it, and badge is cut to the required shape. The badges are plated, then enamel is laid by hand into the recessed areas of the badge.

Unlike hard enamel the enamel dries on its own, so firing and linishing is not required. A final polish is given. Last of all a hard, transparent epoxy resin is applied to protect the enamel, provide a smoother surface, and make the badge more robust.


How to order your Enamel Badges

We make it simple:

  1. Tell us what you want: the design, the size, the number and the quantity. We'll give you a competitive quote.
  2. Tell us you are happy with the artwork we send.
  3. We will do the rest.

If you're not sure what you want them simply get in touch. We're happy to talk through what you want and discuss the best way to achieve it. Don't worry if you are not sure exactly what you want: we will explain everything. That's the value of working with expert, experienced badge makers.

For quality enamel metal badges made to your design simply Contact Us today.